Option 1:

1. Remove and replace the power cable from the back of the box and allow to load
MAG 250/254 Instructions
2. When the box loads the page asking you to ‘Select a Portal for loading’ go to the bottom of the list and select ‘System Settings’

Option 2 –  if no portal loading page is presented and your box loads the TV portal instantly:

1. Remove the power cable from the back of the box
2. Replace the cable and wait until you have a black screen with the word ‘Loading’ on the screen
3. As soon as you see ‘Loading’ press the ‘SET’  or ‘Setup’ key on your remote control – (differs based on remote control model.
4. You be taken to the inner-portal where you will see 3 rows of small IPTV service icons – once again press ‘SET’ on the remote control to bring you to the settings section

System Settings Section:

1. Select ‘SERVERS’ from the settings menu and then select ‘Portals’. You should have two ‘Portal’ sections at the top of the page.
2. In an available portal URL space add the following URL – it is important that this is added to the PORTAL URL space and NOT the PORTAL NAME space (you can either plug in a USB keyboard or select the keyboard key on the remote control – top right of the remote)

Portal address 2xx/3xx Series: portal1.uktv.media - 4xx Series:420f.uktv.media
Gold/Platinium Portal Address - 2xx series: portal2.uktv.media - 4xx series: 420.uktv.media
New International Package - portal3.uktv.media

7. Close your keyboard and arrow down and select ‘OK’or press the ‘OK’ button to save.
8. You will be returned to the main server menu. Select ‘Reboot’, bottom of right hand side and reboot the box